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Description du produit

  • Le Regal costume de porter l'un des plus efficaces jamais produit pour un Living Dead Doll
  • Livré avec robe de soirée et sa marque du
  • Livré avec son célèbre médaillon, sa bague pierre cornaline rouge et sa chaîne
  • Dracula est 25,4 cm cm
  • Livré avec capteur et fenêtre avec art de film célèbre

Living Dead Dolls Presents Universal Monsters: Dracula

Dracula; one of the first Universal Monsters, and hands down the most famous vampire of all time.

The king of the vampires is the latest addition to the Living Dead Dolls line.From his widows peak to the hem of his cape, every detail of Dracula has been captured.The Count wears one of the most regal outfits ever produced for a Living Dead Doll; he comes complete with full evening dress, his trademark cape, his famous medallion, his red Carnelian stone ring, and even his watch chain, have been carefully recreated.Special attention has been paid to his hypnotic eyes; they seem to stare into your very soul as one eyebrow arches upwards, beckoning you to your doom.

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